Discounts and MAKE MONEY WITH US

Those who will insure new guests’ accommodation who arrive and register at least two working day after your notification of hostel administration about newcomers will get 10% discount of his/her regular accommodation fee per each arrived guest. To apply discount you must notify administration the names and visit date of guests who intend to arrive and stay at "BiHostel" hostel. The discount for you will be actually provided when designated guests arrive and as soon as they check out. The guest should be aware on the deal and have your discount coupon (to know your passport number).

This is applicable also if you are actually not in Tbilisi and notify us via web-site, e-mail or phone (providing your name and passport number) that somebody (providing their names as they are given in their passports) is going to stay in our hostel. When they arrive they should have your discount coupon (to know your passport number). You will utilize your discount when you arrive and accommodate in "BiHostel" hostel.

The total discount your will get must not be greater then 25% of total payment of the guest arrived and paid presenting your discount coupon (your passport number).


1. You notified us that eight guests (provide us with their names at least two days before their arrival) are going to visit Tbilisi and stay at "BiHostel" hostel for 3 nights.
2. You will get 10% discount of your personal fee per each guest or 80% in total. So you will have 4 EURO discount and actually pay 1 EURO per night - 20% of regular fee (5 EURO).
3. Eight guests arrive having your discount coupon (your passport number) and stay 3 nights (regular price is 5 EURO per night). They pay 8x3x5 euro = 120 EURO.
4. When you arrive (or you are already at the hostel at least two nights before) you are applicable for maximum 25% of 120 EURO discount in total. It makes 30 EURO or, you pay 1 EURO per night during 7 days (your discount is 4 EURO per day) and 2 EURO still remains as credit. You can also stay 6 nights with us free of charge.

You can use this credit any time or if you do not use our hostel even get whole amount (30 EURO) back in cash after the guests check out the hotel. You will get your money to your Paypal account.

So, that means Make Money With Us

The discount doesn't apply for those who are registered with International accommodation promotional web-sites like since they collect service fee.