I am sorry, but currently BiHostel is Full

Eight LARI
Three US dollar
3 EURO per night!!!


About 8 GEL per day if you stay three months or more. 

We have the BEST PRICES in Tbilisi.

Don’t pay additional fee to International dealers – just come to us even without prior telephone call.

We will receive you in any way.

If you bring your friends here you will pay even lessMore information.

Prices per night are given in the table here.

If you have any questions or problems upon arrival please contact me (Georgian, English or Russian) via mobile phone: +9955-99561392. It is always ON. This is why I advise you to purchase any Georgian SIM card right at the airport (or later on in about 400 meters from  BiHostel). The cost of SIM card is about 3 GEL including 1 GEL deposit.  If you didn’t do so, you can use mobile Skype to contact me (my Skype account is temur921). Be advised that there is free Internet access in all metro stations, bus stops and almost in all Tbilisi streets and in many public places like café, restaurants, banks etc. The Internet channel’s name is TbilisiLovesYou. It’s free. You might know that Skype-Skype voice call is also free. My mobile Skype is always ON. 

Hostel is equipped with 12 beds (and more if the need), free computer and Internet, telephone, kitchen, bathroom, heating facilities in winter and free parking in the street. We regular change bed linen. Women and men are placed separately if desired. We speak Russian and English.

Smoking is not allowed in the hostel premises (permitted on the balcony).  Sorry, but dogs are not allowed.

Hostel "BiHostel" is located on a quiet street (8 Shota Iamanidze str. - Didube district) with no vehicles traffic. See the map.

It locates:

- 100 meters from bus stop (Tsereteli av.) providing 15 bus routes going to all destinations of Tbilisi.
- 100 - 200 meters from several restaurants, cafes and pubs.
- 200 meters from the metro station "Tsereteli"
- 200 meters from the main stadium - Dinamo, where you can do exercise, run, jog and walk on the tartan track in the morning for free.
- 200 meters from one of the central parks of Tbilisi's amusement - park Mushtaidi.
- 300 meters from one of the major trading centers of Tbilisi - Kidobani.
- 900 meters from the main railway station of Tbilisi.
- 10 m from Georgian/Russian public school #116.
- 15 min slow walk to Georgian Technical University and University of Georgia.
- 200 meters from Central Didube District police station.

The hostel is run by Micro-business individual enterprise - registration # 011-22514.