Three to five star hotels in Tbilisi offer rooms and apartments at high prices, which are not always available for guests who are not always willing to pay more than $ 100 per night. However, you always have the opportunity to find accommodation in the hostel at an affordable price - about $ 10 per day. And you can use the opportunity to choose the place of residence - in the heart of Tbilisi that is closer to entertainment spots and in some remote areas. Price in these cases is not particularly different, so the choice is yours. 

However, I can tell you that if you choose not to live too far from the center, it will not bring you any inconvenience, because, again, entertainment centers (mainly bars and restaurants) are located at no more than 30-45 minutes walking distance and Tbilisi is perfectly safe, even at night, as Tbilisi is recognized as one of the safest cities in the world. In addition, you can use a taxi service that you can call on the phone \ mobile. Taxi arrives in a few minutes and costs  about 2 U.S. dollars while moving in the city center. 

Prices for accommodation in hostels are "real" and affordable for a school boy, student, group of people or any people on a tight budget, going on a holiday trip, business trip or for treatment (on this, see separate article).

Do not rely on Tbilisi different hostel's prices published on Internet or booking companies' web-sites. I saw a lot of adds with prices which either are obsolete or deliberately reduced aiming when  tourists arrive they are tired of a trip and would not bargain for increased prices.

Our prices are always updated!